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MISTER M  is my Name


is my Game


MAGICIAN Entertainer

- Close-up MAGIC  Salon MAGIC


In close-up or doing magic tricks at the table, MISTER "M" is an expert. In little groups or per table one can enjoy the little miracles that are conjured up by MISTER "M".  Amazing magic and humour with the participation of the audience in a relaxed atmosphere. 


During each event, MISTER "M" creates a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere with his magic. Close-up Magic is a style of animation that acquires more and more fame and that determines the success of a lot of festive events.








With this type of magic, the magician does the magic tricks in the audience from table to table of before standing groups of guests.

 Just because the miracles take place when one sits right in front of it, the impact is enormous.


During his performances, he succeeds in letting the audience experience happy moments with his magical miracles and his humour. 


Ideal for receptions, banquets, party animation, restaurants, personnel parties, business dinner, walking dinner, associations, etc.


Presentations in Dutch, French and English.


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